MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

01 Why color is important

Choosing the right colors for your website is a very, very important step. In fact, I see a lot of designers who just straight away go buy their page builder and start building their websites without actually going through the process of choosing the colors that work with their brand. Is a stage that I really want to go into deep.

I know it can be boring, but you really have to master this because this knowledge, once you know this, you are going to be designing professional looking websites, moving on. So why is it important to be associated with the color? Now let’s take a look at a list of companies here. That have their colors.

So you can see here. A lot of these companies here are known by a specific color. Now you may recognize some of these colors here. Now other companies go into detail to show their whole color palette, but a lot of these as well, they just show you their main color. See, like Netflix only has one main color, but the most important thing here is you have to be identified by a specific color or a set of colors.

So that things look, really look professional. So if we take a look here, we see that we have Netflix here. We have PayPal. We have a few of these, companies here, but once you notice between Microsoft and Google, they seem to be using colors that are similar. Now, the reason is they are trying to make it a friendly brand because the colors they’re using here are very friendly, playful, and, they’re really very, very minimal.

So this is to make it more attractive to a lot of people to be approachable. So this is the process. They went through to decide what their company really is going to stand for. Okay. So moving on, we can see here we have, PayPal. Now what they’ve done here. They have shown their main colors, which is these two, okay.

These are the main colors they use, but they also have other colors that sort of compliment their brand. And these are all these other colors here. They are also known as accent colors. So this ideally is what we need to build for our own websites. We need to have specific colors that we’re going to use throughout our whole design process and each company.

That you design a website for, or even if it’s your own company, you really have to have these colors in place before you even get started designing your website, because you need to understand if these colors really work well together. So the question now is how do we even come about. And get the idea of, even choosing these colors.

So that’s what we’re going to be talking about now. So over here I’ve created, some words that are associated with the brand or, the color scheme that we need to create. So as you can see here, I have creative playful, professional trust, outdoor authority, and so on. I even have sat here as well, as a keyword.

So what you want to do is to. Think of a word that associates with your company, that word is going to help us choose the colors that we need. So in my case, in fact, what I’m going to be doing right now is I am going to be creating a color palette that I will be using. On my own website. So this is the process that we’re going to be going through.

And the colors that we choose are going to be colors that are going to be pretty much across all social media. So they are going to be on my website. They’re going to be on my social media platforms. They’re going to be on my slides. They’re going to be pretty much everywhere. This is what creates consistency.

So once you have your colors, pretty much, you’re good to go. So in the next video, I’m going to show you how to come up with these colors and how to tweak them, to make them work for you.