MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

06 Logo Inspiration

Before you can start designing a logo, sometimes it can be overwhelming. It can be a situation where you can’t even think of ideas to design your logo. What I normally do is I go to a website called behance that is the website I use for inspiration. Let’s take a look. Now this resource is absolutely free.

You can go in I’ve to also ahead and registered. And this is a free app. This is a website by Adobe. It’s pretty cool. So what you can do here is you can go through a lot of, designs by. Other designers, they post their work here and this can be a very good point of, looking for inspiration.

In this case, this is about logo design. I’m just going to search for a logo and then just click on search. So already we can start to see here that there is a lot of information here. What I normally do is I just click here on brand identity or just identity just to drill down and see how logos can be used, in certain circumstances and even the colors and how they’re constructed.

As I’m going through this, you know, I’m just having some ideas of. How I can put my logo together. In fact, I really liked this one here is nice and simple. It can be scalable. It’s versatile. It fits what we discussed, in the last video about versatility and also being able to use, the logo on different, types of medium.

Okay. So moving on, we also have, I really liked this one. Yeah. I think this is a very nice logo. Now let’s take a look. You can also drill in and see, how they have used this logo in different scenarios. So you can see it. It’s an, a business card. Now designers will put this logo, in different scenarios to help you visualize it.

So here it’s on a flag and I think this looks really nice and I’m sure you can agree with. And that’s on a jacket. So this is how your logo should be able to be used here. It’s on a billboard. Nice. There’s also an app there. So my car now, this is beautiful. I really like how this was put together.

Yeah, this is fantastic. So, there’s also, others that we can take a look at. Let’s take a look at this one here, tally. Now, if you notice this, logo here is also very simple, it can be scalable and you can see here, this is a bit more creative. They’ve got quite a lot of colors. They’re going on behind the scenes.

Now let’s look for another one. So as you go through this, this is a Pfizer rebar. Sometimes you, you see these designers do some rebrands of companies. So it’s very interesting to see how they’ve used it. Like, but again, you can see here that, this is also a logo, which is versatile, it’s scalable, and it can be used in animation.

Like for example here, see how that animation, played. I think this is really nice.

Excellent. So your logos needs to be easy to animate as well. So this is why I really liked the way this Pfizer animation here really worked. Okay. Let’s look for another one. So these are all examples of, logos and how they can be used. I also like this one here, call me, that’s just texts, but look at how bold this is.

Very nice. Look at that. It’s on a different background.

I like this drop here, and I think the inspiration came from, from this as well to get that.

And again, we can see how this is used on different types of medium. And they also go ahead and show us the font that was used, which is brilliant. And now here it is in real life.

Yeah. I think this is a good logo. So as you go through this, this is where you’d, Get an idea of what your logo needs to look like. So again, we have another one here of, , echo tree care. Now, if should look at this logo is very active. And the way they show the tree is really nice. You can see here, it’s a very simple, and these are shapes.

And, we also have a color palette here going on. As you can see, this is a gain, the importance of having your color palette first, before you start designing a logo, because this is how you can see how these logos can be used, with different fonts and different shapes. Let’s just go through this, I guess this could be our last one.

A nice, beautiful font. A nice mark here and here it is on a business card. And again, here is animated. Nice. Now, moving on, we can see how it is on different color backgrounds. And they’ve also used this element here in the background to support their design, which again is very good. The color palette here I can see is being used throughout this branding process, and this is also how they’ve made it.

In the next video, I’m going to show you the process. I went to create my logo funnels to income. See you in the next video.