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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

08 Web Design Resources

This video is about web design resources. These are the resources that I use to help me with my web design process. We’re going to start off with images. So every website needs good images. I’m going to go through the resources that I use, but I also highly recommend that you take your own pictures as well.

Because this brings a unique touch to your website, but in those cases where you just need relatively images, these are the resources that I use. So the first one here is on splash. So all you have to do. In fact, all of these work in a similar way, you can just come over here and search for the particular item that you need.

Let’s say here I’ve searched for cars. You can go through and choose whatever. Image that works for the design that you are going for. This also applies to food. I mean, pretty much, this is a massive library of images, which you can use for your designs. All you have to do here is to download it and you can do so by just clicking on the image.

And then over here, we get a download. I usually I click done on this dropdown and then choose the size. The size that I normally go with, especially if I’m using images for my sections is the 1920 by 1280. That seems to work really fine. Okay. So let’s go ahead and let’s download this. And you can see it’s downloaded.

Now. It’s also a good idea that you give credits to the people that are posting these videos, but these are rotary free. You can use these without, , needs to worry for any licensing issues or even being sued. Okay. So pretty much, Unsplash is the go-to one. There’s also one called Pixabay. They work in a similar way.

He finds search here for say food, like how we did before, this again will bring. A list of, images. What usually I do is if I can’t find the image I need from Unsplash, I just come over to this one here and, just download it from here. But the process is the same. Let’s say you’re ready to download.

You can just click on the image, like. And then over here, we have free download. So you can click here to download and again, you have the sizes, so you can go ahead and download, like what I’ve just done a moment ago. Let’s move on to the next one. It’s game. Pexels this is a roll to free, image library.

So again, let’s search for food and just like the other ones. Yes. You can see the images are quite different. Sometimes you may get better images from, But I use all these. Now, what I like about Pexels is they also have videos. So if you need some videos for your web design, it can just come over here.

Like for example, this one here can be used as a background image and see their beautiful images. I mean, beautiful video. And you can also download it here like that. Okay. Another thing as well is orientation. You can choose, images based on the orientation here. If you want vertical or square, you can just click here and now you have all your square.

In fact, these are videos, so let’s go back to photos. Now you have all your square photos, so you can then go ahead and download whatever photo you want. For your website. These are the resources for the four images. So the next one is fonts. Fonts are very important. I’m sure we went through a whole series of videos talking about fonts.

Let’s go through the resources that I use for fonts. And the first one here is a font pair. So fun pair is a really nice resource because it gives you an idea of, how funds are paired. It also shows you how these are paired on some websites and they also give you examples. So for this one here, this is Playfair display and inter, so this one here is the Playfair display and this is interest.

You can see how it looks there. They also have a color palette here, which is pretty cool. This is, the font and how it’s been applied. This could be maybe the look that you may want to go with in your, on your web. Now, moving on, these are all the examples. I would come to these ones, websites, have a look and see, the style and the look and the application of these fonts.

In order for me to decide which ones I can go for. You can see here, this is a spectral and color. I think this is a good combination as well. Pretty good. And you can also see how this one here was combined. This is Holland and Nieto sense, which is okay. Pretty pretty cool. So this is the resource that I use for fonts.

Now, moving on, we also have. So these are all Google fonts. You can use these in your web design process. Now this is a bit overwhelming because there’s a lot to choose from here, but you can download these. You can use them in your, website. But you’d really have to go through this to choose which ones you want to work with.

So this one here is the Neato, in your page builder, you arguing, and to be able to see these fonts because they automatically, especially in Divi, it’s automatically there. All you have to do to search for it, and you can go ahead and start using it. Another idea is to first come over here to Google fonts and then.

First of all go through the fonts that you like make a note of them. And then you can just use that. In your page builder. Now, if the page builder doesn’t have it, all you have to do is to download it. To download it, you can just come over here and there we go. It says, download the family. This is where you download all the fonts.

It comes here as a zip file and you can not blow these. I will show you how to upload these. Fonts onto your page builder, just in case you may need to, upload specific funds onto your site. Finally, we have the hands, I’m sure we’ve covered quite a lot on B hands. This is your website for inspiration.

It covers colors, websites, logos, business cards. Anything that you can think of creatively behinds has it. This is the website that you may need to go to, to get your inspiration. I’ll have a list of all of this in the video description below. Anyway, guys, these are the resources that you need as a web designer, seeing the next video.