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21 How to choose your hosting

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In this video, let’s talk about web hosting. Now there’s thousands and thousands of companies out there that do web hosting each convincing you that they have the best service. The question is how do you choose from all these companies and how do you. Which company is better. Well, I’ve done the work for you.

I’ve used a lot of a web hosting companies before, and they are main key features that you need to be aware of when you choose your web hosting companies. Now, just to give you a quick story yesterday, I was working on my site and there’s a plugin that I updated, which then broke my site. What I did is I went quickly into my control panel and I was able to restore my side just like that without even.

Taking my site down and trying to fix the problem. Backups and restores are very, very good. And these need to be some of those things that you need to be looking out for. The next thing is security. The last thing you want to do is to get your website hacked. Try and work out how you’re going to clean up all these malicious files.

That’ll be on your website. These two main things are very, very important. And of course, you’re going to need speed, which is also a factor. When you start getting your websites popular out there, Google is going to be able to rank your website based on how fast your website is so speed is also very, very important in this.

There are, as I mentioned, several companies that you can go with. But in my opinion, the companies that I would stick with are SiteGround and flywheel. Now these two companies here may seem similar in terms of their services, but I’ve put them separate because SiteGround is good. It’s a very, very affordable flywheel is a bit more expensive, but it’s geared towards more of freelance designers.

So anyone that wants to set up a freelance business flywheel. Really has a beautiful dashboard and it allows you to, run your business in a very effective way. So let’s take a look at these control panels and also show you the process of how you would start setting up your website on each of these platforms.

Let’s start here with SiteGround. So as you can see, SiteGround here has a. Offer they have 75% off. And when you take a scroll here, you can see that these guys really focus on WordPress WooCommerce. These are, are the sort of services that you want to really make sure your web hosting company is supports.

You know what I mentioned that, your website needs to be really fast running on the latest technologies. This is what siteground has. They run their platform on the Google cloud and they also have SSD persistent storage. Now, for those of you that know that don’t know, SSD is a new technology and hard drives, they are really, really fast.

And this will also make your website really fast. It’s also a ultra-fast network, which means that your website as you’re transferring files or people are actually. Accessing your website is going to be super fast. Now there’s also something that is very important here, and that is fully managed service.

The fully managed service is very important because you want to make sure that when something goes wrong on your website or something crushes, you’re able to go in and restore your website from a backup which by the way they do every single day and also security wise, they’re able to take care of the security for you.

Back in the day, when we used to design websites, we used to take care of this ourselves. So you used to make sure that your website is safe from hackers. So you need to know which plugins to use for that. That all has been taken care of by this hosting company. Okay. So let’s move on to the other part.

Let’s say you are ready and you are just about to set up your hosting. You get, all you need to do is to come over here where it says get started. Okay, so you have to choose a plan here. The one that I highly recommend is the grow big. Now, the reason why I recommend that is, is because they have unlimited websites.

You can design as many websites on this as you want, which means that when a, say, for example, you want to experiment with two, three or four different types of websites. You can pretty much just use this because it’s unlimited. And also the pricing is really good. So this is 4. 99 per month.

Moving on here, we can see on demand backup copies. This one here, the very first one does not have the So that’s why it’s, you know, slightly cheaper as you can see. And then over here, if you want to go geek, now this one here is full of even more features. It has the unlimited websites 40 gigs of a web space and a hundred.

Monthly visits. Now, when I scroll all the way down here, you can see, they have quite a lot of additions here. Yeah. You have priority support. Which means if there’s anything that you want to contact the team for, you have a priority. So even the pricing here is not too bad at 9. 99 per month. Because they are a web hosting companies out there that cost way, way, way higher than this.

This is a very good starting point. I highly recommend that you go with either the GrowBig orGoGeek all right. Let’s say you’re ready to go with this one. If you click here on get plan a, this is where you’re asked. If you already have a domain name or you want to register it here. In the previous video, I did show you how to register your domain name separately.

We using say a or any other domain registrar. This is where now you’d come and say, I already have a domain. You enter your domain name here. So our domain name will be, from our control panel here. Let’s say it’s Mak Would come over here, add your domain name, click on proceed.

This is where now you need to create your account. You set up your email address. If you already have an email address, you can just click here to say you already have an account and then you log in. You set your, your information here, your client information. And then this is where you add your payment information.

This is where you add your card number, your CS, VV code, and so on. And then finally over here is where you get to take a look and see, your deal so this here is a period of 12 months, and this is the best deal you save quite a lot here. Instead of 19.99 per month, you’ll be paying 4 .99 per month, which then takes your bill to 59, 88.

So I highly recommend that you go with this. So your total here. 71 pounds 86. This will be the full four years. You’re covered for the whole year. You don’t have to worry about your hosting because you’d have paid ahead of time. Again, another important thing here is while. If you are based in the United States or you’re based in a different country, your currency here will change.

It won’t be this great British pound. Just bear that in mind when you register for your hosting. I was just about to click away from this, and this is just a quick reminder that you also have a. Money back guarantee. If you sign up with them, you’re not happy with it. You know, you can just get your money back, which is pretty cool.

What we’re going to do now is we’re going to move on to the next, hosting company. And this is flywheel now flywheel is really, really awesome. I like this as well. So first of all, let’s take a look at the pricing. I’m going to come over here. And when you take a look at the pricing, you can see, this is a bit more, this is $13 per month.

And, if you want to pay monthly, it becomes $15 a month. All these features that we spoke about on SiteGround. They are all here in flywheel. Let me show you, cause I have an account here. I’m going to log in. I have an account, so I’m just gonna log in here. You can see what the interface looks like and why this is geared towards, freelance designers.

Of course, if you want to design a single website on flywheel, you can go ahead and do that, but just bear in mind. All the features that, SiteGround has also flight wheel has, but for this particular, hosting company, flywheel, I would say this is geared towards if you want to be a freelance designer.

Here is where all your websites will be shown. You can see here, I have This is just a single website. The really cool thing. What about this is you can go into this side here and you can see. Quite a lot of things that are happening. First of all, you have your performance here, you have your stats and so on.

And so here, if I come to my plugins, I can see all the plugins that are installed on my website. And if they need any updating, I can see here. There’s an a, there’s an update that is available now, moving on to the stats. I can also see that my website is performing here. I can see my current usage. Here you can see my visits here are at 122 out of 5,000.

And my storage here as well as plenty of storage and my bandwidth well within the limits. So this will give you a bird’s eye view as to how your website is. Now over here is my favorite part and that is the backups. If something was to go wrong, you can always go back over here, click on these three little dots and click on restore, and this will restore your website, just like that.

Now we also have this advanced tab. This is, if you want to say, flush your cash, sometimes, your website could be playing up and you need to flush the cash. This is where you would come and do that. You can also reset WordPress login attempts. Let’s say a lot of people are trying to access your website.

You can reset it over here. We also have staging. Let’s say you’re building your website and you decide, and you decide, you know what? I need to test a few technologies on my side before I push it live, you can set your website here to staging where you can. Copy of your website running in your staging, where you can do all your experiments.

Once you’re happy with everything, click a button and that side. Active or live. That’s the the power of staging. And SiteGround also has this feature by the way. Now we also have another feature here and that is, let’s say you’re designing your website and you’re stuck, but you want to find someone that can help you fix the problem on your side.

You can add collaborators by coming over here, entering their email address, so they will have access to your site, fix whatever it is they need to fix. And then you can just revoke the access to it. After they’re finished fixing your site. This is a very, very good feature as well. As you can see, these two companies here are quite similar in terms of their services, but the way I would distinguish them is by really focusing on what you want to do.

If you’re going to go in as a freelance designer, then flywheel will be the one to go with because. You can make more money with that as well. They have a very good affiliate program too. But if you’re just designing your own websites, I would go with SiteGround all the links to that are in the video description below.