MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

23 Setting up WordPress

Now that we have WordPress installed, the very first thing we need to do is to make sure that our website is set up correctly. Let me show you what you need to do. Over here on our site, I’m still logged in. We want to create our main page, which is the homepage. I’m going to come over here to pages and then click on, add new.

I’m just going to close this and give this page a title. I’m going to go ahead and publish this page, hit publish. I can also view this page. By opening it in the new tab. But as you can see, it’s just the page title. There isn’t much going on here, which is fine. But if you go to the homepage of this website, you’re going to notice that it is set up as a blog.

You can see here, it says, hello world. This is a blog and I’ll click on it. This just takes us to a blog. What we need to do is to make sure that our website is set up with our own page, that we are going to be designing soon. And to do that, you want to come back over here. We’ve created our page.

You go back to the dashboard. What you want to do is to a in fact, you know what, let’s create another page and other page we’re going to create is going to be a contact page. I’m simply go here on add new and let’s call this content. Publish. And I’m going to uncheck this. We say it’s always your pre-public checks.

It’s quite annoying when I read you get rid of that hit publish. Now when I click publish, next time, it’s just going to ask me once. Now we have our two pages. What we’re going to do now is to come to settings and then click on reading. What we need is a static page, which is the homepage that we’ve just created.

I’m going to click here on static page, make sure that your homepage here is assigned to home. Okay. That’s very important. I’m going to hit save. Now when we come to our website and I refer. All I can see is the title here. I can’t see the links here on my site. So what I need to do is to let me just make sure I’ve saved my changes here.

What we need to do is to create a menu for our website. To create a menu, you want to come over here to appearance, click on menus, and let’s give this menu a name. So I’m just going to call this main menu. I want to set this to my primary menu and then create the. Next I’m going to come over here.

And these are our pages. I’m going to say view all. These are all the pages that we have so far. I’m just going to move over to pages, the home and the contact that we’ve just created. Click on, add to menu, and then you want to save them. Now when I refresh this page, you can see, we have our home and our contact over here on our menu, which is fantastic.

Now, if I click on say the contact page, notice what happens you on the top, it says page ID equals seven. This is because our permanent links are not set correctly. To set them up correctly, you want to come back over here, go to your settings and then click on permalinks. What you want here is the post name.

Select. Save changes. Okay. And now we’re good to go. If I come back here now and I. You can see now it says contact. Now, this is very important for SEO. You want to make sure you set your permanent links correctly. Now that we’ve set up our permalinks, our website is pretty much ready for the next stage, which is installing our page builder, which then allows us to add all our design elements and make our website look really awesome.

That’s coming up in the next video.