MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

24 Why You Should Use The Divi Page Builder

We’ve set up our WordPress websites. Everything is okay. The next step now is choosing our page builder. But before we can go into which page builder you need to use and why let’s address one of the most important things that a lot of people are talking. Right now, and that is website speed. If you use a page builder, your website is going to be considerably slow, especially on mobile.

And Google has a way of testing your site to see if it’s fast enough. This may come as a really disadvantage of using page builders rather than using the native word prescription Berg. Let’s talk about Gutenberg. I’m trying to using Gutenberg. I’ve also used cadence blocks to see if I can build a reasonable website, but it is very difficult.

I’ve tried so many times because I was chasing the speed aspect of my website, but using the, native Gutenberg, it is not really up to par with any page builder out there, whether it’s Divi elementary or even a breezy. So this is why I highly recommend that you still use a Divi or any page builder of that.

Which brings me now to why I prefer using divvy. So. I’ve used Divi for more than 10 years, I’ve used it in my design agency. I used to have an agency where I was designing a lot of websites. So I found Divi very, very flexible, but of course I was tempted to use other page builders. So I’ve tried using elementary.

In fact I just switched a few months ago to Divi completely because previously there were quite a few things that were not working well with Divi. So I was using elementary, but. My experience using Elementor was not really a good one. I found it more challenging to use. And also the UI is it looks very dated.

So compare that to Divi, Divi, it looks like it is much, much better. For those of you that don’t know who I am. I’m also a content creator at elegant themes, the makers off Divi. So I have a lot of experience working with Divi and also I have a few insider information I’ll be sharing with you. Like for example, when it comes to the speed, the speed issue is going to be resolved.

And also there’s going to be a lot of changes and updates coming up to make DV even a better. Or much, much better page builder, but of course I have limitations to what I can say, but what I will say to you right now is if you invest in DV, you won’t go wrong. So first of all the pricing is very good. They have unlimited websites, which if you are a beginner and you’re, you’re getting started with designing websites, you need to have tools which are affordable because you’re not going to be making money out of the box when you start designing websites.

So you really need a foundation which is affordable. And also, which makes sense when it comes to the pricing. Or look at the pricing of elementary, which is the competing page builder to Divi. You compare that now let’s move on to the next thing. And that is support. Divi provides a lot of support.

They even have within Divi itself, an inbuilt system whereby a tech support agent can log into your websites with, of course, with your permission and try and fix the problems that you may have. And then after that, you can disable that remote access which allows that user to help you with your website.

I don’t think there’s any other page builder out there that has that feature, but not only do they have. DV also has its own chat system, which is really, really good. They have experienced support agents all over the world. And if you have any, any problems with DV or your website, you can just contact them.

And just fantastic, Divi also has a massive community. I mean, there’s a large YouTube channel. They also have a Facebook group. And there’s just a ton of information out there. I also make a lot of tutorials around Divi, just to help you make, you know, a few designs here and there. If you already have Divi, now let’s move on to the next item.

And that is the UI, the Divi user interface. Is very, very easy on the eye is very easy to use. Sometimes it may seem overwhelming because they seems to be so much going on, but I will be sharing with you a process of getting the most out of Divi when you design your websites in the upcoming videos. But the next thing as well is DV comes with pre-made layouts and these pre-made layouts are fantastic.

They help you get up and running with your Divi designs. If you want to build a website really fast, Designs can help you get up and running really, really fast. So that is why I highly recommend Divi. Now let’s address the pricing that we spoke about a few moments ago. So when we take a look at our pricing here, we see that Divi has a yearly price of $89.

So this renews every year, with this, you have unlimited websites. So think about it. You can design as many websites as you want with $89 per year. And trust me, you can make that money back with just one website. It’s a good investment, especially the idea that you can design unlimited websites. Now let’s take a look at the lifetime.

Again. The lifetime is really cheap. 249 is really nothing. When it comes to the value you’re going to get. When you sign up with elegant themes, of course, they make us off. Again, this comes with unlimited websites and you get unlimited support, unlimited updates even I’ve gone for the unlimited version for obvious reasons.

This is what I would recommend if you’re really, really serious about designing websites. Now, if we take a look here at elemental, you’ll see that the yearly one here is $99. But it’s only for three websites. Chances are once you enjoy designing websites and you’d really, really like the web design process, you want to make websites for yourself or even other customers.

It’s quite difficult to do that with just three sides which pushes you now to go for the next version or the next layer up, which is 199. Now this is only for 25 websites. So as you can see 25 website, I don’t think that’s a really good deal because after 20 webs, Oh, twenty-five websites. You really have to up it up again, and they have those pricing structures.

If we take a look here, this is the popular one, 25 websites for 199 per year. So just adding another 49, you’ll get a lifetime license with Devi. They also have a studio here, which is 500 per year for a hundred websites. And then the agency for 999 per year. As I mentioned, when it comes to the price, I mean, DV has the best pricing out there.

So this is why this course is going to be based on the Divi page builder. But if, of course, if you prefer using a different page builder, that’s fine. The principles really of design are the same. So you can take the ideas from how I’m working in. And then replicate them in elementary. It is possible, but of course the UI is slightly different, but the process itself pretty much is the same.

All right, guys, I’ll see you again in the next video. Take care.