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Adding content Part One

Mak January 5, 2018

In this video, I show you how to write a website title and pages

You go to Settings then General and click on your website title.  The title is important because that is what Google pick up, then add your tag line and save changes.

When we go back to the dashboard there are two ways of adding pages.

  1. Click the top part + New and choose Page
  2. The left hand side, click pages and new

The first page you create will be the Home page. You can save the draft or publish the page immediately.  Add your content to the content area and update.  View the page and you will see the changes you have made.

To create a link to a different website highlight the text and click the chain link and enter the website address, add http:// to the front of the website because sometimes it will not work and update changes.  View post and you will see that if you click it it will take you to the website.  If you do not want the link anymore you can just highlight the words with the link and click the broken chain icon to remove it.  Click update.

Every time you make changes click update which is the equivalent of saving.  If you do not update, your changes will not take place.

If you would like to go back to a previous change you made but do not remember you go to the right-hand side menu above the Publish/update buttons and click on revisions.  It will show you how many revisions you have and you can use the slider to take you to the revision you want and then click Restore.