MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

27 Adding your color palette in Divi

All right. So in this video, we’re going to, we’ll be adding on color palette that we created in, the previous videos, right at the beginning when we were creating our branding colors. So that’s the color palette we need to add into a DV. So if you don’t have it’s ready, please. If you’ve downloaded it, go to that file and copy of the hexadecimal values, because those are what we’re going to be using.

To add them on to Divi. All right. So over here, I’m still in my website, I’m in the admin dashboard. So what do you want to do to add the color palette is to come all the way down here to Divi, and then you want to click on theme. So Divi comes with a default color palettes, which is right here. And I highly recommend that you don’t use that one because obviously your websites are just going to look like everyone else’s websites.

So the idea here is to have a website that has your style to it. Okay. So what we’re going to do now is to open up our color palette. Now I have mine right here. I usually like having. And just next to, my website here. So I can just go between the two. Okay. So let’s start adding our colors. So I’m going to start with this one.

So it’s very easy to add your colors. You can just click here to copy the hexadecimal value, or you can just highlight and copy this. So this is what we need. Okay. So I’m going to click here to copy it back over here. I’m going to start with my first color. All I have to do is to paste and that has been added.

Click away. Move on to the next one back on our color palette. So you just have to follow this process until you’ve added all your colors. Okay. Move on to the next one. Now, if you’ve made a mistake, you can always go back. And paste the color again. Cause sometimes I’ve noticed that, I’ll add a color and I’ll think that I’ve not added it go back and this can be quite frustrating.

But if you concentrate, you’ll be able to go through this quite quickly. So I’ve done this one here. This is my next one. I’m going to copy that. Paste it. Next one. So I’m going to show you in a moment why it is important to add our color palette. So now I have two more colors, so I’m going to go with this one,

pasted. Okay. So I will have space for one more, which is this one right here. Pasted . Now you notice that I have a color missing, which is this white. I can always add the white later on as I’m designing my side. So that’s not really a problem. Okay. So now that I have added all my colors and back over here, now, all you have to do is to make sure you save this.

I’m going to come over here. Click on save changes. So now my color palette has been saved. So when I start designing my website, my color palette is pretty much going to be everywhere where I needed when I’m designing my website. So let’s say for example, I’ve added a heading on my site and I want you to specific color.

I can just go and pick these colors, anywhere that I, tried to add a design element or design colors, it could be a background. It could be text. It could be a blurb. Anything that you may. Your color palette will be there for you as you’re designing your website. And this is why it is very, very important to start by adding our color palettes.

So you can imagine if you don’t add your color palette now, and you start designing your website, you’re going to go through a process now of replacing colors and trying to match colors. It’s going to be a mess, especially if you have a, let’s say 20, 30, 40 pages. All right guys. See you in the next video.