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How to add blog posts

Mak January 5, 2018

In this video, I show you how to add blog posts to your website including adding audio and videos

There are two ways to do this

  1. ) Click posts on the main menu on the left and click New post
  2. ) Click + New on the top menu and choose post from the drop-down menu

When you create a post you can add the post title and then in this content area you can add all your content e.g your text, videos or audio.  You can bold your text, align or create bullet points using the options above the content box

If you would like to add an image there are two ways to do it, you click add media button and there are two options

  1. Upload an image from your computer
  2. Upload from your media gallery

To link your images or text to another website you just highlight the image or text and click the chain link image and then enter the url of the website or another post page you would like to link it to.   You can highlight your image and choose options to align it.

If you would like to add a video you go to Youtube or Vimeo and copy a video link and post it into your content area.

When you have your content in place you can choose to save the draft for publishing later or click Publish if you want to publish it immediately.  For this video I publish it immediately

For the second post I show you how to add audio, so you click to add another new post and give it a name and then choose your audio file from where you have it, mine is on SoundCloud, so I copy the link and post it in the content area and publish the post when ready.

You can view your post by clicking View post after publishing and this is what you will see on your page.

To see all your posts go back to the dashboard and click on posts- all posts and a list of the post comes up.  If you would like to delete a post, hover over the post and choose Trash.

To make your posts easier to find as your site gets bigger you can categorise them.  Hover over posts and choose categories from the drop-down menu and name your category and click add a new category.

You can now go to your posts and click edit and then add your post to your categories which now appear on the right-hand side and click update to save changes.

You can also choose a featured post for your post by clicking Set Featured Image and you can either upload one from your computer or choose from the media library and update to save images.

View post to see all changes.

When someone leaves a comment you can choose to moderate them first, choose comments from the dashboard menu on the left and you can choose to approve or mark as spam