MODULE 3 - Mastering The Divi Builder
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MODULE 4 - Building Our Website

02 How to create your color palette

All right. So in the last video we talked about words that can associate with your brand and how we can use these words to generate our color palettes. So just to recap, these are the words that I came up with, but of course you can also add other words that you may want to associate with your brand.

So the website I use to generate my colors is called It’s a free website. You can go in and create an account. I’ve already gone ahead and created my account over here. So you can see, I have mak 17 here. So to generate your colors, what you need to do is to come over here to explore. So this is the quickest way that you can choose the words that are associated with your brand.

And there are already color palettes that have been created. Other designers. So let’s go ahead and let’s do that. So in my case, I want something to do with creative. So I’m paying to, add my keyword in here and search. So you can see here, these, other colors that are coming up and they look pretty cool.

So this is where you want to choose the color palette that, that works for you and the color palette that you love. So as I’m going through this, I can see that I may want to have some oranges here and, also some dark colors so that I have great contrast. So as you can see this process here can be really daunting, but, it’s quite easy for you to, just pick a color and then we can fine tune it to have a complete color palette.

So just coming back over here, there’s some colors here. Which I think would work really well. So I want to go with this color palette here. I know it has very few colors, but we can also tweak them in a moment. So I’m going to click now on these three little dots and open in generator. So this is our color generator.

This is how it gains me, fine tuning our colors to make them really work for our brand. Okay. So I’m going to hide. Because they’re in my way. So when you choose your colors, you want to make sure that you have about six or seven colors that you work with because as you design your website, we’re going to have a different elements that may need colors, that work well together.

So over here, what I’m going to do now is to add new colors. So I’m just going to add a color here. I really like this color here, and I may also come over here and add another lighter, lighter, gray like that. So. And over here, I have this orange, I can add another color here as well. And perhaps I may be using these, very soon.

So now that I have all my colors like this, there’s also another stage that I do, which is to really test and see if these colors work well together. So what I normally do here is I drag them. And I just put it next to a, some colors that I have here. Now, this is very important because this generates contrast.

So you want to make sure that you have colors, some that are bright so that when you put them on taco so that when you put them on top of lighter colors, they are easy to read and it’s easy for you to see the graphics. So I will be showing you in a moment how this would work. Here I have, another color here.

Let me see what this looks like. So as you can see, I’m just dragging and just putting these colors side by side to see how well they work together. But, just on the outset here, I can really see that these colors here are really, really good. So what I’m going to do as well here is to add one more color.

So I’m just going to click here on this plus. Now what normally happens here is this. So, what normally happens here is as you add your color, these are shades that are being added over here. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to go into this color here specifically and choose a color. So what I’m thinking here is maybe I could use gray as my main text color, and maybe tweak this as well to make it a bit lighter.

I mean, a bit darker. So let’s go with that. So I think I have a wide range of colors here that can really work together. Now over here on the black, I’m not really a fan of this really dark black. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to tone it down a little bit here like that, in fact, Nope. Let’s go darker.

Yeah. I think that would work because I don’t want to use, like, it’s really solid black now. Of course you can also continue adding on more colors. You know what we had done adding colors here. Now there’s also something else that you can do as you’re creating your color palette. And that is to go in and tweak these colors.

So for example, this orange here may not seem dark enough, just go in here and just bump it up a little bit just to make it even brighter. So the way I’m thinking with this orange is this is going to be my culture. Action is going to be my button, that I’m going to use across the website. So I think I have my color palette here that, that could work really well for me.

So in the next video, we are going to be fine tuning our color palette.