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Installing and setting up Divi 3.0

Mak November 22, 2018

We are going to use the website divi.dev to be our test site, I will log in to the admin dashboard where it all happens. I will show you how to download and install Divi by going to the Elegant themes website . Click join to download and then choose your payment options. Pay and log in and then download Divi and follow the options.

When you have downloaded Divi go back to the site and click Appearance on the left hand side menu and click Themes- Add New – Upload themes – Add New- Upload theme – Install Now – Activate

You need to activate updates to help protect your site from hacks for this you need to go Divi – Theme Options and API Key and save. You will get the API key from the elegant themes log in section.

To go in depth with WordPress I have a WordPress course which I created and you can access it here.

When done you can clean up the dashboard if you like, I remove the news section because I do not need it but you can remove or add what you like to the dashboard.