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Introduction to the Visual builder

Mak November 22, 2018

The visual builder is an exciting new way of building websites in Divi and it is really awesome and here is why. You get to design and view the changes in real time and do not have to switch between different views to see the changes you have made. It will all make sense when you view the tutorial.

To set up and work on the visual builder you create a new page and save it and then choose the visual builder option and this is where all it happens.

When you mouse over the sections some options will appear and if you hover each icon it will show you what they do. You can add sections by clicking the plus button and if it is a text section which you have added a text box appears and you can bold the text and much more and can move this interactive box around the pages.

The visual builder has the same features as the Divi builder and you can still drag and drop items but the biggest difference is the fact that you can edit live.