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Menus and sub menus

Mak January 5, 2018

In this video, I will be showing you how to create menus and submenus.

Click Appearance on the left-hand side and choose Menus and type your menu name and click create menu on the right-hand side

Add pages to your menu, select the pages you want and click Add Menu and save

Next, you need to assign the menu so click on the link Manage Locations and from the drop-down menu choose the menu name you created and save.

You can rearrange the menus if you like and save.  Reload your website and you can see that the menus now appear on your website.

To create a submenu just drag a menu name under the main menu you would like it to go to and slightly move it to the right and save.  When you refresh the page you can see there is now a drop-down menu arrow where the submenu is.

You can create custom links too by click the custom link section on your left of the menu section and enter the information and save and when you refresh your home page it will appear and when you click it, it goes to the website or page you entered.