Divi Updated Versions (Visual Builder) Problem.

Siddique asked 8 months ago

Divi Updated Version (Visual Builder) is not working on my websites. But Backend builder is working. When I enable visual builder- Section, Row, Module nothing can be open. When I roll back to 3.19.4 version it works. And in one of my site, I am using Divi builder plugin with a different theme. There is no Rollback Option. PLs, tell me what shall I do now?

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msrobin answered 8 months ago

Hi Siddique – I am running Version: 3.19.6 without any problems. Did you check for possible plugin conflicts? I had that problem with a client’s side the other day and ended up rolling back a plugin to an earlier version.  – Monique

MsWilson answered 8 months ago

Hi Siddique
I am having problems too.  I was using 3.19.6 and find that with Editor Role, the divi builder doesn’t load in the backend using the new Divi Builder Experience.  If an Editor chooses to create a page choose, for example, to using a previously created page, the builder doesn’t load.
For an admin it works perfectly.
I am going to rollback to previous Divi and see if it works before I go through the process of disabling Plugins.
Will let you know how I go.
EDITED TO ADD:  It seems to only not work when choosing an Existing Page – If I ‘Start from Scratch’ it works fine.

Siddique answered 8 months ago

Thanks everyone. Problem has solved. Uninstalled W3 total Cache plugin. Now its working. 

johnnyj answered 7 months ago

I had a similar problem with the Divi Builder not loading properly and showing a blank screen.
The problem I found was on the web host  where the php version had been mysteriously reset to PHP version 5.4
I reset the version to PHP 7.0 as I have some older sites not using Divi that wont function on PHP 7.2 so version 7.0 is a happy medium.
I posted this as a possible signpost for others that may come across a similar problem on their hosting
Cheers John

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