Mak asked 6 months ago

Hello, everyone! I am Mak and I am here to help.

akampoori replied 6 months ago

Hello Everyone, my name is Ahmad from UK. I am a web developer and marketer. I am here to learn more from the amazing MAK and from you guys too. All the best

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msrobin answered 6 months ago

Greetings to all! It’s Monique from the east coast of the USA.  I’m a former educator and am now a freelance web analyst and project manager.  I help people develop the web presence that they need for their business and non-profits through discovery, design, and deployment.
I have been following Mak’s tutorials for years now and have found them to be a tremendous help.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone

russellventura answered 6 months ago

Hi all, my name is Russell Ventura and I am a freelance digital marketing consultant from Worcester, UK, specialising in WordPress and DIVI. I am here to learn and help others on their journey in web design & development, and always enjoy Mak’s videos, tutorials and tips. My DIVI site is https://rvdigitalmarketing.co.uk. I hope you enjoy these courses as much as I do.

lisa answered 6 months ago

Hey everyone, I’m Lisa and I am an inbound marketing strategy director.  I worked for an agency for about 5 years, then two years ago this month started my own HubSpot certified partner agency in the deep south USA, just north of Birmingham, AL.  After a number or years doing retainer inbound marketing work and tinkering with Divi for a website of mine that’s unrelated to the agency side of my life, I could see what a great fit Divi is for SMBs on WordPress as they get started with HubSpot.  Getting the marketing strategy and sales tools aligned often takes a while and a lot of flexibility to change things around on the website is important in order to nail down the lead generation strategy. Divi is ideal for someone like me, helping businesses execute inbound marketing and sales strategy.  Love Mak’s tutorials!  Glad to have this resource, looking forward to getting to know everyone in here.

wrm answered 6 months ago

Greetings everyone! My wife and I live right on the ocean in Daytona Beach, Florida USA. We have a little cottage business renting 3 of our 4 ocean front properties. I have been writing websites for many years and found WordPress, Divi and Mak a couple years ago to my good fortune. All three make me look like a true WebMaster, especially Mak who is a wealth of information and the guiding light to navigate and utilize Divi as well as WordPress. I am a life Member of Mak University and excited to learn more from Mak as well as the other members of the University. Because I live in an area with many hotels and condos, I have a wealth of potential business opportunities to pursue. Like all of you, I look forward to the future and what Mak has in store for us members of Mak University.

johnnyj answered 5 months ago

Hi my name is John Jackson I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have been building websites since 2005 beginning with HTML, Joomla and then on to WordPress using various themes until I settled on Divi. The websites Ive built have been for our various business interests over the years. I came across Mak a few years back and have followed his informative YouTube videos ever since. I too am a life member of Mak Uni and behind it all the way. I hope to see this exciting concept grow to be a goto resource for all things Divi.