How can I defend Divi (since it’s my go-to solution) against competitors who say it is bloated compared to other WordPress builders?

lisa asked 8 months ago

I love Divi and have been using it for years now, don’t intend to change away from it. I saw a discussion in a closed agency group I’m in on Facebook where someone asked about using Divi on WordPress with HubSpot. A few people said Divi is too bloated and then went on to recommend whatever it is that they use.  Only a few people chiming in but it left the conclusion to be “Divi is bloated – pick something else”. 

What is a good response to this objection? 1. I want to understand what they mean by bloated (how can they tell it’s bloated, compared to what, etc)  2. Is Divi really bloated for an SMB or do businesses simply outgrow it or go about things the wrong way in setting it up for use with a larger website with more traffic? Or maybe it merely depends what it’s compared to?

My experience, many SMBs have a giant, often outdated, mess with their websites and going the WordPress Divi route and pairing it with the appropriately sized HubSpot software and inbound retainer work affordably does wonders for them (even those who had invested in a lot of technology/bells/whistles that they weren’t getting value from since they had no measurable website traffic coming in, no lead conversion strategy in use). I’ve had no problem using Divi? I find my setup working fine for the average SMB who needs a scalable way to get started with conversion optimization and the naysaying seems to come from the agencies who are working with large businesses.    Thanks for any thoughts that can be offered on this.

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