Mariana From Mexico

Mariana Aceves asked 3 months ago

Hi Mak, thanks for your Woocommerce divi tutorial.
I wanted to ask you 3 questions.
Firstly, when you do a website wouldn\’t it be better to work on a child theme instead of in the actual parent theme as you did on the video?
And secondly, how did you manage to get the \”cart\” icon in the website? I\’m asking this because I did a woocommerce website using divi as well and didn\’t get the icon, which i think is essential for the customer to see as its a worlwide known icon and they\’ll know to go there directly if they want to see the products they added to the cart. This is the website: And if you check it out on the mobile version, I had to improvise by adding an extra image of a cart =S Looks kind of weird, doesn\’t it? 
And finally, would you recoomend making a woocommerce website using Storefront theme or Flatsome theme and activating the divi plugin to either of them? Have you done a website using theis themes? 
Thanks in advance!

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