Home Page Challenge in 81000 thousand WordPress Student in Divi Theme Please Help us by Video

Sohail Hayat asked 5 months ago

How many of you have started your challenge? For those of you who don\’t know, here is a reminder:
★ Masterclass challenge is a competition initiated by me for members of this group to recreate the homepage using the Divi theme.
★ Feel free to choose your own hosting (Free or paid) where you can install WordPress and Divi and create a test environment for this. Localhost is not accepted!

★ How to get access to Divi theme file? I am sure you are smart enough to figure that out and that\’s part of the challenge.
★ Deadline is Feb 18, 2019 after which no other entries or submissions will be entertained.
★ After deadline I will personally review all submissions with help of moderators and select top five sites, then we will interview those candidates to verify if the site was made by them so there is no cheating, and one winner will be decided.
★ The winner gets $180 all-access pass for, $100 in prize money, 1-hour personal mentorship from me and bragging rights! 😃
The purpose of the challenge is to make you guys try Divi theme because it has a high demand on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr and also to give you a real-time test to see how you would work for a client under pressure.
Have questions or concerns? Please post them in the comments here and remember to keep a goal of learning, not just winning prize money