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Thanks you Mak! I am a newbie never built a website. Learnt a Lot from your online tutorial. Mak had been very helpful in teaching us how to build website fast using Divi. Love you from India!

Mak is one of the most patient, and generous teachers ever. We really appreciate him. Nothing beats how pleasant he is. He offers great products.

Love the attention to detail, and explanations easy enough for anyone to understand. Mak is the best!

It was just awesome

Mak has been so helpful in teaching us how to use DIVI. His courses go through every detail in creating great websites. He's really on top of things the minute a new feature is released he's helping us learn how to use it. Thanks, Mak!

I’m a long-time Divi user and count on Mak to keep me up to date on all the amazing features that continue to increase. I also took the Design Formula course to get my process sharpened. Mak is a fabulous instructor!

Great course content. Funnels to income has become one of my references when it comes to web design.

When you are looking for an inspirational teacher and mentor who helps you to keep up with high-performing web designers, then the VIP program of Mak is the #1 choice.

hope you’re doing well as always we saw you. I’m started to watch Your video Tutorials One year ago and the best thing is I learned tons of things from you that lead me to become a VIP. I’m really thankful that I have a mentor like you.

Excellent services, very knowledgeable and professional, saved us a lot of time and resources, came up with great ideas for the redesign of our website.