MailPoet Tutorial

In this MailPoet Tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a new landing page in Divi and integrate it with MailPoet.

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3 thoughts on “MailPoet Tutorial”

  1. Hi MAK,
    I have purchased the MailPoet deal via your affiliate link. Thanks for offering the deal!
    I have a question: Do you create all opt-in/landing pages on subdomains/directories? – I am thinking of creating an opt-in page for a free download but as part of my website (this landing page url will look something like this but the link to the opt-in page will be hidden & will not appear in my website’s menu.
    Is this good practice or do you advise against doing it this way. My reasoning is that I do not want to have to keep creating subdomains/directories every time I make an offer…
    Thanks again,
    Stephen Strydom

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