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  1. So I’m starting to see a recent trend in your tutorials whereby you are now using your paid templates rather than the templates made available for free by Elegant Themes within Divi which people have already purchased. This is the second “tutorial” of yours I’ve watched within a very short period of time that is based on your paid template. I find this very disturbing and feel like you’ve lost your focus, which used to be helping and teaching people without hawking your products. I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who feels this way. Not cool, MAK.

    1. Starting websites from scratch takes a really long time and makes the tutorials even longer. I have discussed a Divi design workflow in one on my videos and it involves speeding up the web design process using templates. I’ve also done a complete tutorial showing how to create header and footer, it’s on the Youtube channel. You don’t have to use my paid one to achieve a website in fact you can use the free ones from Divi and achieve a similar result.

      From the feedback, I’ve got so far people are loving the template and so many people have bought it. For $9 you also get updates and support for FREE. I give away layouts for free as well as show people how to create them. I will address this on the live show today and see if others share your opinion.

      I appreciate your feedback and concerns.

  2. Please can you make a tutorial about how to create a header with video in a column and copy in another, or possible combinations. Thanks in advance

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