How to import Divi layouts

by Mar 23, 20204 comments

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In this video, I show you How to import Divi layouts. I also share the difference between importing using portability and importing through the Divi library.

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  1. Perret-Gentil Francine

    Hi Mak, thank you very much for this useful video. Indeed the portability seems quite straight forward but on my side I really struggle and never know how to import / export layouts. To the point that I have decided to stop trying this…and never take advantage of any published layout anymore…would be good to also clarify the details about importing a single section / module / row also from the theme builder as I have the feeling that most of the layouts (footer packs a.s.o.) which were available in the previous version cannot be used anymore with the theme builder. Even when I save to my library some modules or sections, they do not appear when I want to import them on another page….so there is still a lot to explain with this feature….A million thanks for your fantastic videos.

  2. Carolyn Sampson

    Wow! Your videos always answer questions or problems I’ve struggled with. Thank you!

    • makadmin

      You’re welcome 🙂


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