How to make a website without a host

In this video tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a website without a host.

10 thoughts on “How to make a website without a host”

  1. I love building sites on Local By Flywheel too. Works just like building a live site. It can get a little slow and glitchy but still a great platform. First thing with any site I’m building, I install a backup plugin. Then I backup every time I end a session and download to my external HD. Then, if I want to work on the site on another machine, I can.

  2. Hi Mak.
    Great info, thank you.
    Is it appropriate that I cannot close local sites that I have created? I’ve created 2 pages that I want to work on later, but when I try to shut it down, it says “all of your sites will be shut down”
    Greetings Kirsti

  3. Hi Mak, thank you for this tutorial. But I had to shut down my iMac and when I started the Mac again, in my browser the website was still there but when I wanted to change something ‘Safari Can’t Open the Page’. What did I do wrong?
    Thank you for answering me.

  4. Brilliant suggestion – As I was struggling with Bitnami and other tools like this. The best part is it creates my exact environment and I dont have to mess around with different versions of Plugin and themes.

    Thanks again

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