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  1. I love building sites on Local By Flywheel too. Works just like building a live site. It can get a little slow and glitchy but still a great platform. First thing with any site I’m building, I install a backup plugin. Then I backup every time I end a session and download to my external HD. Then, if I want to work on the site on another machine, I can.

  2. Hi Mak.
    Great info, thank you.
    Is it appropriate that I cannot close local sites that I have created? I’ve created 2 pages that I want to work on later, but when I try to shut it down, it says “all of your sites will be shut down”
    Greetings Kirsti

    1. Hello Kirsti.

      No, you should be able to shutdown each site individually. Will demonstrate in the next video.

  3. Hi Mak, thank you for this tutorial. But I had to shut down my iMac and when I started the Mac again, in my browser the website was still there but when I wanted to change something ‘Safari Can’t Open the Page’. What did I do wrong?
    Thank you for answering me.

  4. Brilliant suggestion – As I was struggling with Bitnami and other tools like this. The best part is it creates my exact environment and I dont have to mess around with different versions of Plugin and themes.

    Thanks again