How to use the Divi wireframe view

by Jan 8, 20204 comments

In this Divi 4.0 tutorial, I am going to show you how to use the wireframe view.

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  1. Jim

    The tips you give are awesome. I just finished your Web Design course and learned a lot of things that I didnt even know where available.
    Anyone new to Divi should take your course on Div 4.
    Its well worth the time and money.

  2. csspostal

    Going to really love that click mode thanks for the tip.

  3. Stephen Strydom

    Thanks for the tutorial MAK. Not sure I understand exactly what the advantage of using “Click Mode” is. Perhaps I don’t understand exactly what click mode does?

    • makadmin

      The advantage is you can see all the settings of the modules while designing.


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